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Otsu Ichi

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Otsu Ichi


Otsu Ichi is an extremely popular, award-winning writer who mostly does short stories. He made his debut in high school, and this collection was written while procrastinating in college; after college he became a writer full time to great success. After reading a story of his in Faust magazine, I bought his entire paperback output, and rightly so.


His early work is divided into "black Otsu Ichi" -- grisly horror stories and thrillers written for Shueisha, and "white Otsu Ichi" -- equally tense, but a lot less dark in tone, written for Kadokawa. Recently this distinction has blurred, and he has begun writing for many places. His output has also dropped; one theory is that he is the writer of Death Note, but interviews suggest he is simply doing endless drafts of a Jojo's Bizarre Adventure novel, trying to make it absolutely perfect.


Notable Works:


Black Otsu Ichi


White Otsu Ichi




Andrew Cunningham

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